Where your human meets your being, The journey begins within

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About Us

The Being behind the business

Sarah Elkins aka Sarah Sparkles, owner of Human Meets Being

Sarah is a gifted powerful Intuitive Reiki Master Healer, Certified Advanced Theta Healer, Self Awareness Life Coach, Inspirational / Motivational Speaker & Writer, Healing Belly Dance Instructor, Channel of Love and the way of the Light....

The Mission

Mission Statement

Let go of everything no longer serving your highest and best good. Release stress, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, pain, illness, disease, negative thinking, etc. Break the cycle, try something new. Form new connections in the mind & heart. Bring healing and balance to the physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual bodies. 

Clear issues on all levels: core, genetic, historic, & soul.

Become the best and brightest you!

Begin the journey within finding balance, inner peace, self acceptance, self awareness,. My goal is to  continue my purpose of teaching and learning through love and light of the energy of all that is to bring healing to those in need so that they may live a life filled with joy, harmony, love, understanding, giving, receiving, healing, abundance, passion, direction, focus, purpose and this or something better. And so it is. 

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Human Meets Being

Ventura, California, United States


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*We love our clients like soul family, and are happy to offer flexibility for those in need. For special occasions or emergencies please reach out and we will do our best to make it happen!

*Sessions may be available in the comfort of your home, office, outdoors or online! 

*Sessions may be available at River House Ranch is Ventura upon request. Sarah hosts appointments outdoors riverside, inside the ranch greenhouse, or a local area of your choice. *Restrictions may apply