Meet Sarah Elkins, aka "Sparkles"

The Being Behind The Healing

I am an Intuitive Reiki Master Healer, Certified Advanced Theta Healer, Self Awareness Life Coach, Inspirational / Motivational Speaker & Writer, Healing Belly Dance Instructor, Channel of Love and the way of the Light....

My own personal journey of growth, healing, and awakening lead me to discovering my life purpose and passions. I am honored and humbled to have allowed my Human to meet my Being and am inspired to spark that healing space within others. 

My purpose is to merely be the most loving reflection of yourself; guiding you to places inside yourself unexplored. I bring the light of pure Creator’s source energy, light of Love, to illuminate the pathway to a healthier and happier you. I shine the light towards you in your moments of darkness and pain, so that you know you are not alone; you are loved and supported along the journey discovering the power that lies inside waiting to be awakened.

Allow me to guide you to a life of abundance in all areas. Allow me to inspire the self awareness that can be achieved when you love and accept yourself as you are. This is when the healing begins to take place forming a new understanding, a new perspective freeing you from past issues, traumas, and pains; whether it be in the mind, body, or soul. Everyone is worthy and deserving of that inner peace and being healed to feel whole and complete.

“Human Meets Being” What does it really mean? Can it help you? ... The answer is yes. If you allow yourself to look within guided with that love and light, and embrace change. What is simple is not always easy but true growth and healing awaits when you find that inner strength and power that has always been there. Together we can raise that vibration bringing you to a new life filled with joy, peace, harmony, love, acceptance, understanding, giving, receiving, healing, abundance, and so much more.

We are not just “Human” and we are not just “Being” we are both, Human Being. Be you, be free, believe and there is nothing you can not achieve.

About the business: 

 ‘Human Meets Being’ offers healing services for the mind, body, and soul; allowing you to become truly whole and complete. It begins with taking a look within and seeing the best version of yourself, getting to know your true self. Using various holistic, spiritual, metaphysical healing modalities, as I have learned over my 35 years thus far in life, I intuitively teach and share the same gift I have received with those in need.

Services offered in my office located in Quartz Hill. Also services businesses and home sessions in the Lancaster, Palmdale, Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, and more. 

Available for phone/video sessions as well!